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Earth is what inspires me. I find the cycles of Mother Nature and all that she produces impeccably beautiful. Whether it be the cycles of our planet, the cycles of our bodies, or the cycles of life and death, they are all deeply beautiful, inspiring, and, most importantly, full of hope. These ideas have  continuously and quietly been seeping into my work, and I am embracing them.

After falling in and out of love with drawing, photography, and painting, I  finally found textiles, which has become my home. The very nature of textiles is tightly wound with my ideals, and has always been in my veins. The fibers used in this art form directly come from the very earth that inspires me. Whether I use fabric that I create in weaving or fabric manipulated in surface design, every thread is interwoven, but no thread continues throughout. Textiles is about combining, intertwining, and connecting. Every aspect of this art form is reflective of my beliefs.

I believe that it is my responsibility as an artist to contribute to a cycle of my own. That is why my hope is to become a professor. I want to give to other people what I have learned, while also still learning from them. My goal is to graduate with my Bachelor of Fine Arts, and continue my education at Graduate School in order to become a part-time professor and full-time textile artist.